The Aftershave Conundrum

I have never been able to understand why teenage boys think that smelling so strongly of aftershave is attractive. I will spell it out for you right here, so there is no confusion – IT IS NOT. If you were idiotic enough to believe some James Bond figure on a TV advert as he told you that smelling of artificial strawberries was a good thing, IT IS NOT. It is just a company who is relying on your gullibility (is that a word? My Spellcheck didn’t have a problem with anything except for, ironically, the word “Spellcheck”) or, quite frankly, sheer stupidity, to buy the owner of said company a private jet or an island, or a house. Oh, I don’t know how rich people spend their money. If you want to be sure then ask them!


2 thoughts on “The Aftershave Conundrum

  1. I used to have a blog like this, but often had trouble finding content. Never actually got the idea of writing short posts like these; sort of like Twitter but with less constraints, less spam and less idiocy^^. Keep up the good stuff!


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