Awesome Facts About Giraffes

I love giraffes (who doesn’t?) and have decided to do a weekly/monthly (depends how many facts I can think of) Awesome Facts post, because why not?

– They only need to sleep up to two hours every day, and do this standing up.

– They are the only animal to move two legs on one side and then two on the other to walk.

– They have to squat to drink because their necks are too short to reach the ground (as shown in picture).

– They hardly ever fight, but when they do it only involves bumping necks and lasts for a few minutes. Essentially, if the world was run by giraffes it would be a much better place but probably with more extinct types of tall trees. Humans could learn a lot from giraffes.

– They have four stomachs.

– No two spot patterns on giraffes are the same, acting like fingerprints.



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