Earthbound Review

Partially down to bordem and partially down to running out of other things to talk about, I am going to start reviewing books. I won’t review the bad ones because one day that author may stumble across my blog and hate me forever. Earthbound,by Aprilynne Pike (author of the Wings series), is my favourite book written by a woman (TFIOS is my favourite by a man, written by John Green). Although my heartless friend saw the ending coming and didn’t shed a tear (she isn’t really heartless, I am just baffled as to why she didn’t cry), the rest of us did, simply out of frustration. This book is gripping, interesting and just romantic enough to make you want to read it again but not so that you want to put it in the shredder immediately. I will attach a link so you can read the blurb and what-not because I expect that it will explain it better than I can, but I will tell you now it is Awesome with a capital A. Also, the sequel is coming out July 31st, which is good because although it would have been an OK ending without a sequel it is so much better if it has one. Just a personal opinion.


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