Smug, Un-sick People and Discussing Autonyms

Why is it that people who never get sick are either very smug about the fact or treat those who are sick as if they have failed? Just because even bacteria want to avoid you it doesn’t mean you have achieved anything particularly record-breaking. Sorry, rant over. I promised I would use long words in Post 51 so I will begin a discussion on this topic: Could the word “Fabulous” be partially considered an autonym?


2 thoughts on “Smug, Un-sick People and Discussing Autonyms

  1. Old Fogey says:

    So those of us who get ill frequently could be classed as winners. The bacteria just can’t get enough of us. We are always treading the red carpet of the bacteria awards ceremony. (Name, anyone?)
    But if the bacteria love us, does this mean their mortal enemies the viruses hate us? And come and invade us out of virus spite. What a mean world the microbes world is.

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