Being Judgemental

People have often said I judge others, and although I really try not to it occurred to me that it in the wild you really need to be judgemental. For example, if a zebra saw a lion, would it go over and say “hey, lion, you may or may not be about to eat me so lets get to know each other before I run away”. No. They would run fast and far and probably get eaten anyway but that is beside the point. It is a natural thing to do as a method of survival, so when people use the word “judgemental” as an insult it sucks because really what they are saying is “you have survival skills equivalent to those of a zebra.” Use better insults (there are list of Shakespearian ones below that are pretty good).


One thought on “Being Judgemental

  1. As far as the dictionary is concerned you are correct. But when people say ”Being judgemental”, they typicaly mean ”finding someone bad just because he/she is differnt than yourself.”

    The instance with the Zebra and Lion would be using instincts not being judgmental. You might say that they ae the same. In a way they are if using the dictionary, but like I said, people normally mean something different when using this statement.

    If you get a gut fealling that a situation isn’t safe then go. But if you see someone with a shaved head it doesn’t mean that he/she is a neo-nazi or lesbian, or has cancer. That is the difference between following gut instinkt and judging. Does that make any sense?

    Have a nice day.


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