Awesome Facts About Zebras

Although I have a blue cuddly-toy zebra that has a reputation in my household for being rather lazy (yes, my cuddly-toys have personalities get over it), black and white zebras are good runners and use their patterns as a survival technique.

– When running in groups, zebra’s stripes blend together to make it hard for predators to see individuals.

– Like giraffes, zebras patterns act like fingerprints and are all unique.

– They are very social and sleep in groups to warn each other of predators.

– Their ears show their emotions – I’m afraid I don’t speak Zebra Ear Language so don’t ask me to translate on David Attenbourough documentaries, although I’m fairly certain a lot of it would mean “who is that dude in the corner pointing at me and talking non-ear language”.

– The picture below has a strange resemblance to my family at six o’clock on a Monday morning while we try to get ready for work.


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