Why I Blog

At first, it was more of a “to blog or to vlog? That is the question” (for those of you who don’t know, vlogging is Video Blogging, usually on YouTube). Then I decided to blog anonymously because if I annoy someone then I can pretend it isn’t me whereas with videos the fact that you are in them usually gives away that it really was you. I also love writing – everyone was like “oh, get a blog if you want to be a writer” etcetera so I did the second I got an e-mail address (the fact it took so long for me to get one depresses me as well). And finally, it was on Easter Day and I was a wee bit bored, and doing this has kept me un-bored for quite a long time! Also, if ever I have enough views to do a Q&A then I will do one, so if you ask questions in comments I will collect them until I have a post-worthy selection to choose from!


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