Being Bored

I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I have had such a completely uneventful day that I will actually have to write about boredom. There are variations of boredom – the Class Boredom, often occurring when you are presented with laughably difficult formulas and instructed to solve them and end up staring at the piece of paper for an hour while your mind comes up with all the things you could otherwise be doing. Then there is the Ill Boredom – you haven’t done anything for a week and want to at least reply to the seven thousand e-mails that are slowly destroying your computer but when you move you want to throw up. Finally, there is the Chatting Boredom: the time when you are being talked at by someone you aren’t good enough friends with to tell them to shut up, and they are going on and on and on about their new curtains or something. If you can’t think of ever having the Chatting Boredom, then you are the one who was chatting.


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