The Shopping Incident

When I say “I went shopping” I do not mean in the retail-therapy, top-shop excluding because they make their clothes for stick insects, nice way. I mean Sainsburys. For those of you lucky enough never to have been in here, think of a place where everything you might thought would be together are not. You are now thinking of Sainsburys. There are some people who will park their shopping trolleys in the middle of an isle and wander off to inspect the wide range of chilli-peppers (they have things like that which no one ever uses but when you want something like an honest to goodness bottle of milk, no way) and then when you are least expecting it they will grab the trolley and shoot off at the speed of light and expect everyone to scatter out of their way. If you don’t, they look at you in the “peasant, you disgust me” way. Then there are the people who allow their small children to push the trolleys. WHY? The number of times I have had to leap out of the way of a child whizzing down the length of the shop before they crash into a pile of canned soup is astonishing. Parents, I implore you: keep your children away from anything with functioning wheels when there are other people around. It will only end in tears and/or a massive fine. Just saying.


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