The Wimbledon Situation

It might have been a slightly more exciting game if it had lasted longer, but there is no doubt that the women’s final was excellent. My mother is very excited for the men’s tomorrow as she thinks that Roger Federer is a “gentleman” (that basically means she thinks he’s hot but she’s too middle class to say it). My grandmother clearly feels the same way as when discussing the ‘boys match’ of tomorrow she said, “oh, I think we all want Federer to win” and laughed in that terrifying way that old people do. She said it was because he’d been there for so long, but I don’t believe her. We couldn’t have Pimms as we may have to drive later but to make up for it (the lack of lemonade probably wouldn’t hinder my mother if she could have had any at all) we soaked strawberries in Pimms and put them in the middle of a cake. While others do exercise to entertain us, the rest of us sit at home drinking (it’s acceptable at Wimbledon time in England) and eating cake. A simple tradition that I will strive to maintain!


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