Annoying Habits that should be Wiped from the Face of the Earth

This will be one in a series of posts about irritating things members of my family and friends have done, possibly sub-consciously, that I am too much of a coward to say to their faces! Yay!

Does anyone else’s father always say “I’m coming, shut up” to a ringing phone when he does the “emergency run” (he never moves fast and he always goes slower when he needs to speed up – endearing, I try to think) from the kitchen? Well, mine does! It is very irritating to not only have the angry ringing of our phone (seriously, it sounds permanently irritated with the world like “don’t you dare make me take a voice mail I am old and bad at what I do”) but also have someone bellowing at someone up to seven thousand miles away and expecting them to hear. I will abbreviate the tag but I really mean what I said in the title, simply for convenience and also my laptop hates it when I write too much and starts making a whirring noise that is very worrying.


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