Inside Jokes

We all know how annoying it is to be between two people and they’ll be having a laugh and you are just like “what?”. Of course, it’s a two way street – in revenge against the annoying people who did this to you before, when someone else is with you and a friend the temptation to make an inside joke is too much and you end up being hated by that person as well. All I can say is this: whoever began this spiral of hate and inside jokes, I deplore you!!!! Not really but seriously we should all explain our inside jokes because I was once with some friends and one of them went “maybe we should get some jam” and then another one said “yeah, like the fish” and they all collapsed laughing while I was stuck in that awkward situation where you have to decide whether you should smile like you are amused at their madness or just laugh with them. It is painful. 


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