Something is Above my Ceiling

At first when I heard small thudding noises of animals feet in the attic above my room I went into panic mode and was thinking “ALERT ALERT RETURN OF THE RATS ABORT PLAN TO SLEEP ABORT ABORT” and then I saw a bird that was literally smaller than my hand land in the gutter and squeeze between the tiles into the roof. Now all I can here is the rustling and tweeting of very very tiny birds above my head and sometimes they’ll knock things over and I’ll dive for cover under a cuddly-toy zebra or koala and then remind myself that they can’t hurt me. Oh, now it is just sitting on the wire that goes from the corner of the house to the telegraph pole and staring at me like “peasant, leave my home immediately”. Birds should not intimidate me but they do. I just realised how pathetic that sounded but oh my gosh it is tweeting and giving me the evils I have to go hide under a quilt.

I Googled it and it may or may not be this, the Sparrow. Ours are definitely a lot thinner. Hm, the plot thickens…


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