The Ultimate Guide on Surviving Illness

At the moment I am a total pro at this as I am (drum roll) still sick! Yay! Here is a check list of the things you will you in your journey to becoming Less Sick:

1) Functioning WiFi and devices near you at all times. If you don’t have functioning WiFi, then you feel my pain.

2) When you feel the need to eat, EAT because you will not feel like it in about thirty seconds so you gotta run down to the kitchen before your stomach goes “um, nah, I’m fine actually” and you want to cry.

3) Put the phone on answer phone to avoid any worried calls from grandparents when they discover you are sick. If you have a headache, it will not help.

4) Stay away from people. If you accidentally exhale in their presence and they cough twice in the course of the next week then they will blame it on you and will give you the look of death every time you go near them for the next decade. I am not joking.


6) Sit back and enjoy internet stalking celebrities and sneezing on the people you don’t like! I’m joking I don’t do that – except maybe the sneezing thing. Sorry.


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