Hampton Court Flower Show

I haven’t had time to write today as I have been out at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show with my aunt and mother. Just because I’m that cool. I will post some of my amazing photographs of plants that I took with my mums camera that doesn’t like taking pictures of red things and looks like you have your finger over the lens because she pointed it at the sun and basically something inside it exploded. Bet you can’t wait! Because I am a teenager and for some reason that makes me incapable of liking plants in the eyes of the Old Gardening People (I don’t really but I could do), every time I crossed their path they just glared at me which was scary! I haven’t been out of bed for about three weeks so I was a bit wobbly which made me a bit of a target for the tutting when I would have to regain my balance before I could set off again. By the way, what is it with old people and stopping in the middle of the pavement right in front of you? I accidentally walked half way up one ladies backside and she turned round and gave me a lecture on manners and how to not text while you are walking. I was just like (this is a Dan Howell gif, sorry I couldn’t resist he’s hilarious hope it works):

You also then get judging looks from the rest of the people around you. When someone said “SORRY?” to me as if she was expecting me to say it because I walked into her when she STOPPED WITHOUT WARNING allowing me to trip over the wheely-shopping basket of death, I just said “Oh, that’s alright” and she gave me a dark look that will haunt my dreams.


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