Awesome Facts About Snow Leopards

– They are my favourite animal because they are beautiful, rare and so elegant.

– The use their tails like scarves, which are almost the same length as their bodies.

– They live really high in the mountains – from 3,000m to 5,500m. 60% of all snow leopards live in China.

– They can’t roar, unlike most of their relatives.

– They can kill things up to three times their size.They can jump up to nine metres. Basically, if you go near a snow leopard you are as good as dead unless you can jump higher than them or run faster. Good luck with that.

– When they sense humans are around, they become nocturnal to avoid them. Literally the story of my life. It is sad when you can relate to a leopard.

– They are very non-aggressive and often retreat from competitors if they are threatened over the food they killed, allowing others to finish it, although if their lives or those of their cubs are threatened they will definitely defend themselves. The similarities of me and them are actually worrying.

– They can take 2-3 days to eat their kill –  a bit like my friend eating a bread roll. Not joking, it takes hours.

– They live from 15-18 years, or more if in captivity, but there are only about 6,000 left in the world which is EATING ME UP. They are too beautiful to be extinct!


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