Going to Sleep

I like how when your parents tell you go to sleep, the later it gets the more threatening it sounds. For example:

10pm Mum: Just think of nice things or count sheep and you’ll be asleep in no time.

1am Mum: GO TO SLEEP YOU WILL BE EXHAUSTED IN THE MORNING AND WILL WALK OUT IN FRONT OF A BUS AND DIE OR YOU WILL FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS AND MISS A VALUABLE LIFE LESSON AND WILL BE RELYING ON US UNTIL YOU ARE NINETY-FOUR! (muffled sounds of a baby crying in the house next door, woken up by loud angry voice from the scary tired lady in our house).

Of course, when you do drift off your legs and arms are savaged by mosquitoes which I learned actually inject you with an anesthetic before they bite you so you don’t feel anything until the itching begins. Dun dun duuuun! It ends up in me being so scared of these creatures I could crush with my pinkie finger that I roll up in the sheets with only my head showing like I am in a cocoon of anti-mosquitoeness. It doesn’t work, my legs look like I have been attacked by the Borrowers or something.


2 thoughts on “Going to Sleep

  1. Old Fogey says:

    I do have sympathy with your mother. Sleep is so important to us all, whatever our age. Without enough sleep we can’t function properly, get ill and become very bad tempered. Believe me, I know.7 or 8 hours a night is what we all need. Take note please.


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