The End of the Year

Everything tends to be a bit bonkers at the end of term what with the sugar highs from Haribos teachers hand out and the fact that the people who enjoy arguing will only be able to do so through social media where it is a lot easier to ignore people so are getting all their screaming and shouting in now. Of course, it wouldn’t signify the end of the year if it wasn’t for the karaoke High School Musical videos playing on full volume while all the popular people sing along and me and my friends sit on the stairs outside trying to drown out the sounds with Panic! At the Disco and making jokes about how Zac Efron’s hair is actually longer than Vanessa Hudgens in the film. Fun fun fun!


3 thoughts on “The End of the Year

  1. dandelion199 says:

    Ha ha yeah anything to escape! Also one of them was out there because of her hula-hoop (the crisps) phobia. Our friends are odd!


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