Awesome Facts About Kangaroos

Since my friend recently arrived home from a trip to Australia where a highly poisonous spider spent it’s days clinging on to the mesh around her window that she lived in constant fear of, I have been doing Awesome Facts based on Australian animals like koalas, so here are kangaroos:

– They can’t go backwards.

– They can run up to 65mph – just over twice as fast as Usain Bolt (his top was 27mph)

– Apparently they can determine the gender of their offspring – I don’t get it either!

– Joeys will jump head first into their mothers pouches if they are frightened.

– There are more kangaroos than people in Australia.

– They have awesome hearing and can move their ears without moving their head.

– This gif made me crack up. Like, seriously. How funny.

dramatic kangaroo


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