Infinity Again

Warning: Thinking about infinity will cause a considerable headache and you may find yourself having an existential crisis. Just a heads up.

I have approached this matter before and will do so again: how infinite is infinity? I have been told that there are some infinities larger than other infinities and this confuses me. Infinity is ‘the state or quality of being infinite’ (very bad definition, Google, get out) and is basically a word associated with something being so far away that there isn’t a number for it’s distance, or as a number in maths. If an infinity is larger than another infinity then it does, by definition, eradicate the smaller infinity as being an infinity at all. However, since the sign for infinity (∞) is also used in maths to represent a number, which means that you could technically multiply the infinities:

∞ x ∞ = ∞² 

This means that technically you could have infinity to the power of infinity and that actually could continue for an infinite amount of years (hello migraine), there by meaning the calculation above is smaller than if you multiplied that answer by infinity a further infinite number of times. To conclude that particular line of thoughts, once again maths ruins dictionaries. Infinity is the largest (or smallest if a decimal, 0 doesn’t count as small because it is nothing. You can’t say it’s a small cake if there ain’t no cake) thing ever, yet you can multiply it by it’s self to have a larger number, unless of course it acts like the number one and no matter how many times you square it or cube it or anything else it will always remain the same. There is of course no way of proving this as it no-one knows the value of infinity, but as far as we can see no numbers other than 1 or 0 do this. Let your confusion of existence begin!!!


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