Parallel Universes (it’s a thing!)

A lot of people scoff when parallel universes are spoken of – until recently, I did too – but then I heard it this way: with the infinite number of universes in the – well, whatever this whole thing is with all the universes etcetera, they will have had to start repeating themselves at some point. So, whether it has been created yet or not, there will eventually be a replica of our whole universe out there somewhere, probably several of them. However, don’t think that there are other versions of me wandering around. Although everything that would happen in the early beginnings of another earth, and there may well have been dinosaurs or something, our earliest ancestors would most likely have done something different like killed each other or all started hating each other and wandered off. Or there would be a slightly different material in the earth that affected us differently and evolution made us look completely different and everything changes. I just find it utterly interesting. Yeah, I’m a nerd.


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