The Things That Happen That Make You Wonder If You Are Actually A Middle-Aged Person

While sitting on the sofa with a tartan blanket wrapped around me watching Dad’s Army waiting for the gingerbread to cook does make me wonder whether my mind grew up without me. It is this type of realisation that makes you leap up and start playing pop-punk loudly and switch the channels over to Made In Chelsea or something while trying not to be repulsed by it (which my father, when seeing the advert for it, thought it was the Inbetweeners. *sigh*). Have just noticed the Good Housekeeping magazine beside me and although want to actually pretend I moved it for the convenience of my mother am itching to read it’s contents (to be fair there are some excellent feminist articles in there about the intelligence of women – the fact I had to Google the spelling of ‘feminist’ doesn’t really back that up, unfortunately. I feel the need to go and rebel or something to prove to myself I’m not middle-aged – I’ll just finish this cup of tea…


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