A Small Request…

The next time it is a beautiful, sunny, bright day and people are sat outside in the garden with a nice cup of tea and complaining that it is far too hot for Britain, still colder than Spain where they spent their third holiday of the year and that they are dreading winter (welcome to Middle Class UK!), please don’t get out every device you own that makes a loud, unpleasant noise (e.g. hedge cutters, patio cleaners, etcetera). It is irritating. Speaking of, my father is in the kitchen singing Stalin wasn’t Stallin’ (when he signed the beast of Berlin, a song about the second world war). Excuse me while I sing Deck the Halls behind him until he has an ear worm and can’t stop singing it (he is like a musical sponge, sing something and he won’t stop repeating it until he hears something else).


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