The Joys of Packing

Everyone knows how much fun it is to run around your home looking for things that you may need on holiday and unearthing a million things you will never need in your lives while doing so and feeling the need to take it with you (e.g. clocks, pictures, etc). It is rare you return from your searches with the thing you were looking for in the first place and leave with mountains of books, DVDs, flip flops and keys you may or may not have use for but took anyway because you live in constant fear of being locked out of your house, and arrive without clothes, or in one outstanding incident forget the entire suitcase (my suitcase, might I add, and had to go and buy a whole load of stuff from Tesco that my mum made me try on in the aisle – I was little though).

This year I had some Harry Potter movies, The Internship (watch it, v. funny), Bridget Jones (in book and movie form), TFIOS, An Abundance of Catherines, and a notebook to write the inevitably odd events of the holiday (I go with my family). My mother has hurt her jaw and has something linked to over-usage of it (wonder how that happened…) so we are taking advantage and stopping her from talking too much (ta da!).


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