Thoughts From The Pink Beanbag

This isn’t my bean bag – mine doesn’t look like a chair, for instance, and is literally just a sphere of pink fabric filled with weird polystyrene bead things #livingthehighlife

I think a lot when I’m in the pink beanbag because it is very hard to stand up once you’ve sat in it and if you left your laptop out of arms reach it is gone, you have nothing to do but sit with your thoughts. V. comfortable though lordiana it’s like sitting in a cloud of pink comfortableness. Because I’m rather short I can’t see out the window anyway so turn round and lean against the radiator – good for all times of year as it is just cold metal in the summer to cool down and warm in the winter to warm up. I’ll advise you to have a table or something next to you if you have a drink with you as apparently putting full mugs of tea on the new white-cream carpet isn’t good enough for some mothers – shocking, I know.

And so is born the new tag of ‘Beanbag Thoughts’. When I think of something interesting, or, more likely, not interesting, in the beanbag I will share it with that tag. TTFN.


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