The Dog-With-A-Weird-Name Incident

For those of you who don’t know, I am absolutely terrified of dogs (please comment below if I am not the only one) and when I was on a walk with my family once this really big dog was running around on the opposite side of the field. To be fair, it was really big and looked like a black Labrador from where I was standing which are the most scary of all dogs as they bounce a lot (except maybe German Shepherds, ooh they are horrid), but when we got nearer to this dog and their owners I could see it was probably a Labradoodle or something along those lines. It completely ignored us and carried on eating grass (it was a bit weird) and when it wandered off a bit (meanwhile I was standing, terrified, behind my father) the woman who was the owner shouted “Come back over here, Snuffles”. I have never lived it down. My dad and also the friend he told (thanks for that one dad) will never let me forget I was scared of something with such a name as Snuffles, and whenever we see another dog I’m scared of he’ll say ‘it is the grandson of Snuffles – beware of it’s teeth and it’s lengthy claws’ and so on so on. It is rather irritating. Ugh.


3 thoughts on “The Dog-With-A-Weird-Name Incident

  1. mary ellen says:

    you are absolutely not the only one afraid of dogs!!! if it is above my calves, and i’m short, it terrifies me. i have to be able to pick it up with one hand, preferably 3 fingers and the palm of my hand, before i consider it a “safe” dog. anthony totally disagrees.


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