First week back – need I say more?

I may as well say more – Ashton Irwin is singing in my ear (on my headphones, he isn’t actually here, although how cool would that be?) so I might be bothered to do so. My headteacher made an enthralling speech but luckily my friend was there to stop me slipping into a coma by laughing at every possible euphemism – there were quite a few, unfortunately for him. Oh, here comes my neighbour that looks like Hugh Dennis (google him, the dad in Outnumbered, really funny). Just thought I’d share that. I am sort of lacking in inspiration. My head of year gave a speech telling us to thank our parents for all that they do – let’s quote:

“It isn’t the fairies that have a nice clean table cloth on the table every morning and who have lovely breakfasts ready for you. It isn’t the fairies that bought you that nice desk to do your homework on and who help you with it and stay nice and quiet so you can concentrate. So the next time you moan about stacking the dishwasher, just remember.”

At the time I was just like ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL (my spell check just went crazy haha) but now I can actually respond.

1) I have Nutella on toast on any available surface in the mornings and we have lost our table cloth. Like, maybe-threw-it-in-the-bin-by-accident lost it.

2) I do my homework on the kitchen table usually with the sound of a recorder player in one ear and my father subconsciously singing/whistling/tapping a random beat/humming in the next room.



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