The Awesome Guide To Successful Parenting!

I understand that there was a significant oxymoron in the title with “successful” and “parenting” but this is a two-way guide that I will continue every Thursday in the run-up to Christmas (because there is literally nothing on English TV on a Thursday until after Christmas so I will actually have time to do it) and will both instruct on parenting and also how to deal with your parents! (I have a feeling I have more advice on the latter…)

Tip Number One: Parents, if you see that you’re child has spilt paint or other liquids that leave stains on your pile of papers carelessly strewn around the dinner table and get very angry with said child, don’t shout at them because one-day that can act as ammunition when you spill half a cup of tea on an essay that took them THREE HOURS and can say “when you did that to my work, I remained as peaceful as a sedated bunny” and they can’t shout at you quite as much. I mean, they will still shout but if that improves the situation, just think what they would be like if you hadn’t forgiven them before…

Remember to read next week for more Top Tips!!!


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