New Shoes

It is always exciting to discover shoes that actually fit on your feet, let alone being able to walk in them, so when I found two pairs it was quite an achievement. Of course, because it is such a rarity to find functioning footwear, my brain was scrutinizing everything that could possibly be wrong with them and when my sock slipped ever so slightly I immediately thought ‘it was too good to be true’ but no, they were still OK. I don’t know if they have this in any other countries, but in English stores they usually tie the shoes together with bits of elastic – this could be one of two things:

1) they could trust us so little they think we will steal one shoe and leave it’s pair.

2) They want us to blame any discomforts on the fact we have to waddle round the shop trying not to fall over so it’s only when we’ve bought them and go them home we see they are uncomfortable.

My mother just untied them because I am too afraid of being arrested etc to do so, but oh my goodness are they comfortable. I am dreading when I actually have to wear them outside because then I won’t be able to wear them indoors.

Oh, and update on the sofa: we would get one, but the bureau that sits at the end of it would have nowhere to go if we got a bigger one. Oh, dear Lord.


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