Awesome Facts About Dogs

As some may know, I am terrified of dogs, so I thought it would be interesting to find out if indeed ‘they were more scared of me than I am of them’ (they are the ones with the teeth and the claws, thank you very much):

– They know 250 words, can count to five and are just generally as intelligent as a two year old child (so after I’ve learned my 400 Latin words I will have the equivalent knowledge of their language as a toddler in ancient Rome. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing).

– A Beatles song has a whistle in it only audible by dogs, included for the enjoyment of Paul McCartney’s Shetland sheepdog.

– Some stray Russian dogs have learned to take the train to more populated areas in search of food. That is impressive, although if I was stuck on a train with a dog in it I might well be hyperventilating.

– They can’t distinguish between red and green but have better night vision than us (speaking of, I would just like to point out that carrots have no impact on our vision. It was to get little kids to eat them).

– They can sense diseases: I know someone who has something wrong with his feet, and dogs keep sitting on them. Cool, huh?

– They can fall in love! I never knew that!

– They dream. I don’t know how you’d test for that, but apparently it’s true.


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