The Internet Vortex

We have all been dragged into an endless torrent of Googling before, and if you say you haven’t, you are either lying or in denial. Let me just say this: if you type in any symptoms you may possibly have, you will be told you have a very serious illness and most of the time, this is complete rubbish. My father Googled the other day and according to the internet, he is pregnant. It’s very exciting, I know. All I’m saying, really, is that you shouldn’t believe what you read on the internet. Well, except this. I speak nothing but truth on this here website, I can tell you.


3 thoughts on “The Internet Vortex

  1. calinedabine says:

    Dr. Google is a doom & gloom kind of doctor. According to the interwebs, if you get a severe headache, you probably have a brain tumour! But in real life, if you get a severe headache, you probably have a headache…


  2. I’m one of those people who doesn’t bother with my own illnesses, mostly because I know it’s nothing serious and refuse to be one of those obnoxious paranoid people who go to the doctor for every cough and sniffle.
    Really, googling symptoms is just a bad idea in general, considering how difficult it is to get relevant results on even the most common and mundane subjects most of the time.


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