Awesome Guide to Successful Parenting 3

When you tell people off for nearly getting coffee on the new carpet which is a very pale cream colour, don’t fret, you will be the one who stains it first. My mother saw a bit of soot from the chimney on the rug we have by the fireplace, and that clever bunny thought ‘hey, lets us a wet cloth to try and get it off’ forgetting that all water placed on this soot would drain through the rug and would end up leaving a black stain on the carpet.

Thanks to Google, we knew to put baking powder (or bi-carb – we have no idea) on it, leave it for and hour and then hoover and repeat until the stain has gone and it actually worked! When was the last time that happened?!

If it had been me that stained the carpet I would probably be shouted at for seventeen hours or until they actually lost their voices but apparently ‘no one could get crosser with my mum than she is with herself’ (rubbish). Oh well, at least we knew to internet.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Guide to Successful Parenting 3

  1. Back in the days before the internet, people had to learn these sorts of things from their mothers. Now, we can just look up these old home remedies with a few clicks and no human interaction at all. Progress. . . ?
    I heard that salt is apparently good at getting fresh wine stains out of table linens (though I’ve never had the opportunity to test this out for myself).


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