The Mosquito Situation

I thought that last night was nice enough to leave the windows open while I did my homework, even though it was getting dark (I know, I live on the edge). While focusing so hard on my revision my tea actually went cold (!), about ninety five mosquitoes wafted in and started circling me, and of course my immediate reaction was to put up my hood and pull it as tight as it would go (I ended up with only just being able to see) but of course I looked really stupid so my father laughed at me. It was only to be expected. I know what you’re all going to say, just use mosquito repellent, but unfortunately the only ones they sell o’er in England don’t only repel insects but the rest of the human race (they stink, in case you didn’t get that). Quite useful when you are confronted by the chatty one at a party but that’s the extent of it, really.


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