Energy Saving Light Bulbs

If you don’t know what these are then you are both very lucky and probably destroying the planet. Because these light bulbs use less energy or something they help save the earth from all the pollution and fossil fuel stuff, but also, as a comedian once said, “energy saving light bulbs are the only bulbs that when you turn them on the room actually gets darker”. When these lights finally warm up they become so bright that if you look at them you can’t see anything else for about three hours except white lights flashing in front of your eyes.

Which one will you choose? The one that functions? The one that saves the lives of the polar bears we have left? DECIDE!!!!!


One thought on “Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  1. Another comedian(I think it was on the show QI) said that he uses energy-saving light bulbs. Because they take ages to light up, he leaves them on even when they aren’t necessary, thus wasting more energy than he would have with an ordinary light bulb. I, too, tried to use energy saving electronic equipment(I even have energy-saving speakers which always skip the first few seconds of anything I listen to) and just find them so frustrating that I have gone back to ordinary ones, lights wise.


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