I Am In The Mood To Confuse People

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that occasionally I like to break away from dull accounts of my uneventful life and think about things most humans can’t grasp (including myself, I just pretend I know to get back at people who laughed at me for not knowing who someone famous was. Like, “oh, you don’t know about this person’s private life we should all have no interest in?” “Girl, do you know about parallel universes? ‘Cause I don’t but I’m sure gonna act like I do!”)

Anyway, in one of our fantastically dull Physics lessons (in which I won chocolate by sitting next to intelligent people – that made it less dull) we learned about radiation and stuff and how they were watching the electromagnetic waves coming from stars and picked up a signal that was too intelligent to be anything other than alien communication but a) how can a signal be intelligent and please can it do my maths homework; b) why would any aliens want to contact us and how would they know how to? Like, there are alien creatures on other planets like the extremophiles we have here, living awesome places like under the sea or in a cloud, and if those tiny little micro-organisms can generate electromagnetic waves we are in for some kind of tiny apocalypse.


One thought on “I Am In The Mood To Confuse People

  1. Oh and please comment on these kinds of posts if you have any idea what I’m talking about – usually it makes sense when I’m typing it but then I read it back and my brain begins to hate me…


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