The Dull Day

Occasionally our school enjoys mixing things up a little and giving us non-timetable days where people come in and talk to us about what we want to do in the future. Now, because we are teenagers, we are told pretty much nothing in terms of which careers are available – I love English so it is assumed I will either become a writer or a journalist (ironic since I had to look up how to spell both ‘assumed’ and ‘journalist’), and if you like maths you can be a mathematician or an engineer, but that is pretty much it. We are also informed about several charities because the important university people that were going to talk to us decided they didn’t want to any more and our school clearly didn’t have a very good ‘if our day is messed up’ mind map – oh, that reminds me, the ‘mind mapping session’. Genuinely the most pointless thing I have done in my life, and I have been known to sit on a beanbag for five hours only getting up for cups of tea and Kettle Chips. We spent an hour being told how to draw a mind map, within which we were actually allowed to make our own ones! God we were excited! Apparently if you used curved lines and lots of colours your brain will like it and actually remember what’s on the page. Glad to have provided someone with some perhaps slightly useful information on this website for once (only joking, I’m sure it isn’t useful at all).


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