Awesome Facts About Wolves

I haven’t posted for a while so many apologies but teacher’s decided it would be a good idea to throw two thousand exams on us and most of them still haven’t marked them (I got a C for maths and trust me, I was happier than my maths teacher). But anyway, you seemed to like the post I did on dogs and these are the same species so off we go:

– Grey Wolves are endangered because they were hunted a lot in America – the people who killed them must have either been very brave or very stupid because these animals can be about two metres long (excluding tail. Like, why not including the tail, they could use it like a weapon, couldn’t they? Just swish it about a bit and take the legs out from under people about to kill you!).

– They are omnivores (eat plants and meat. Greedy).

– Largest members of the dog family.

– They run 20km a day as a pack. About the same length as our cross country run.

– They stay with their partner for life (usually. Even people get fed up with each other sometimes, that’s why we have holidays and divorce).

– They develop really strong bonds with their family and will sometimes even put themselves in danger to rescue their families. That’s more than quite a few humans would do.

– If running short distances, they can run up to 38 miles per hour. Yikes. You wouldn’t want that running towards you in a hurry.

– They have really long legs. Seriously, I saw one picture and it looked like it was in stilettos.

– Baby wolves (called something else probably but I want to call them baby wolves) can’t really hunt until they are 8 months old. Aw!

Also, this wolf is absolutely gorgeous and looks so CUDDLY but unless you had gained their trust and like, lived like a wolf, which people have done but lets face it, it probably wasn’t worth it for a hug, but yeah, it would eat you. So don’t do it.


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