New Video Recommendation!!!

I absolutely LOVE Louise (her channel’s called Sprinkleofglitter) because she always makes people feel relaxed with videos about making your home nicer or make-up tips. She also does lots of look-books where she shows lots of different clothes and accessories that are in trend. She shows you how it doesn’t matter about your size to look pretty, and she always manages to look gorgeous (I’m not singling her out about her size, by the way, she is always very open about how yes, she isn’t a size six (size 1 in US, I think) but how she dresses in a way that makes her look nice anyway). But anyway, this is a video about her making her living room look nicer, so whether you like this kind of thing or don’t usually, it was really good.

And also, for those in the UK you should watch Doctor Who tomorrow on BBC 1. It is really really good!


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