Autumn Days

Since we are well in to autumn now and also the clocks have gone back in England, I’m going to write about all the autumn-y things I love the most – perhaps I’ll do a series about things you can do. If you don’t live in England and have no idea what I mean by ‘turning the clocks back’ then don’t worry, it is better that way. Basically, to ensure that farmers in the war used the hours of daylight as well as they could, every year in October the clocks are changed to disorientate everyone who goes to school and work and means that night-time comes at about 5 in the evening instead of later.

Anyway, although we intended to spend our day tidying up the house, we did about three hours of that and then paused to watch a Postman Pat Christmas Special my mother recently purchased (don’t judge me, judge her) and then Love Actually and now I am poised and ready for Christmas (the best time of year. Don’t even try to argue about that with me, you will lose). Although I had to have Hot Chocolate Light earlier (we got it by accident, nothing disappoints me more than finding out I have less calories to ingest).

The image below is the ‘featured image’ for these posts – if any fellow bloggers wish to enlighten me on exactly what that is then please do so, but I thought I’d put one up and see what happened.Seriously, get commenting if you know.

Things To Do This Autumn (for blog)OK, well, for starters, I absolutely LOVE it when it pours with rain and is absolutely freezing. Like, that’s my favourite ever weather. And as it was absolutely pouring down when we went to get this Halloween’s pumpkins I was pretty much in heaven.

We always get four pumpkins; three to carve faces out of (or at least attempt to – we aren’t the most artistic of families) and one to make soup with (which, by the way, looks absolutely repulsive but is so yummy if you get past the grossness of it’s first impression). Unfortunately I can’t tell you the recipe as it is top secret – I will say it uses pumpkins. That’s all you’re getting.

pumpkins 2014Because of the rain the trailer of pumpkins looked all shiny and professional (my mother took this photo, by the way – just sayin’), but also made them a wee bit mouldy if they were at the bottom. We found some good ones anyway.

So Things To Do This Autumn 1: Carve pumpkins and make Pumpkin Soup. Or if you have kids, let them draw their carving on a pumpkin and then carve it out yourself so they don’t get hurt. Blimey I am so considerate – you wouldn’t have thought I was a ‘youth’.


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