Rainy Days

In an attempt to cover everything in the leaf I put together by the time Autumn is over (December 21st, apparently, although we all feel like it’s winter from the end of November), I’ll start now and talk about rainy days.

First off, I love the rain! I love being outside in the rain, I love being inside while watching the rain, and I love being happy when everyone else is complaining about the weather. It makes me feel surprisingly optimistic.

I like sitting inside watching Love Actually and Bridget Jones while it’s chucking it down with a big cup of tea while eating Nutella from the jar. Oh, wait, that’s actually everyday. I was forgetting.

Also, it means I can sit inside and blog without feeling the obligation to go outside for a walk – although I prefer walking in the rain, pneumonia risks aside. It’s a funny word, isn’t it, pneumonia? It’s like someone sat on a key board after writing ‘neumonia’ and it managed to get through the proof read.


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