The Fluffy Socks Situation

I have too many socks. There, I said it. No, I’m joking but yeah there is currently a sock avalanche in my bedroom as the drawer is falling apart. Despite the fact I have about a hundred individual socks in there, the majority of them white school socks, I have yet to find a pair for any of them. When I do I gain faith and go through them trying to match up other ones, it doesn’t take long for me to get bored and give up. Usually, I am looking through the drawer (or the floor surrounding the drawer, that’s where most of them are) for ‘snuggle socks’, of which I own five pairs and currently have one. Not one pair, just a single snuggle sock. It is at this point that I decide which of the other socks I own are the most snugly and which foot is the coldest, and then after a while of one foot being warm and the other one jealous (my feet have feelings, apparently – who knew?) I swap them over and end up with a rotational system to keep my feet both happy and warm. You know, reading that back, I question my sanity as much as you do. Never mind. Maybe I should just buy some new socks? you might be thinking. If you saw my sock draw, you would know why that isn’t possible. You would know.

A whole PAIR of snuggle socks. My feet are wild with envy.


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