Hot Water Bottles

OK, so, as we are working our way through the ‘why I love autumn’ leaf (keep scrollin’ if you haven’t seen it, it isn’t too far down and is the peak of my creative abilities), let’s talk about hot water bottles. I think they irritate us all and leave us in fear that they will explode in the night and destroy the mattress (maybe that’s just me because that happened and it was absolutely FREEZING I dreamt that Olaf from Frozen was attacking my feet). That was when my family was cursed with all water-related disasters, I found a text I send my friend the other day that listed everything that went wrong plus a few million expletives that I think were justified, it was rather amusing. Anyway, hot water bottles are always far too hot at first but of course if you wait a while after boiling the kettle for them to cool down a bit then they are far too cold, which only makes you colder. I am so middle class, it’s unreal.


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