I am so so excited because I’m a wee bit of a nerd when it comes to this sort of thing and the fact that it actually worked is just amazing. Apparently, what happened was that the robot was meant to use harpoons to basically tie itself to the comet and then would screw four legs onto the rock. What they think happened was that the harpoons didn’t work and it bounced three times before managing to attach itself. My dad was trying to explain this to my mum that it bounced three times as she was pulling off the drive in the car, resulting in a series of bizarre hand gestures and signals that probably made the neighbours think we were from the comet. But now they reckon it landed on a rock and only has three legs screwed on and doesn’t have enough power because the solar panels aren’t working so may have to go into shut-down mode (like the tardis in Doctor Who did this season, that was so cool) and charge up before carrying on, but at the moment it’s still sending back data. I just find these things so interesting. My mum has named one of my cuddly toys ‘Rosetta’ in honour of the occasion (Rosetta is like the mother ship and Philae is the one that landed, if I’m correct).

This is a computer generated image of the lander on the comet. I think that is awesome.


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