The First World War

I apologise for not writing about this on the 11th but I was ill that day and the days following were a bit hectic. I find it ironic that I should be writing about something as inhumane as war straight after people from all across the world have come together to land something on a comet, everyone taught differently, everyone different ages, with different ways of thinking, joining to discover something as amazing as what could be on the comet. Perhaps if we didn’t destroy the planet we have here now we wouldn’t need to be attempting to discover places to go in the future, but we fight for resources and survival, it’s how we are built. Unfortunately, with wars such as the First and Second World Wars these incredibly brave people and soldiers were fighting because there were men with too much power, who wanted more. Millions of lives were lost as they protected the people they loved from being hurt, so many only eighteen or nineteen years old, just being killed. When you think about the Christmas Day that every man in the trenches came out and joined each other to play football, putting down their guns and meeting the people that the next day they would be forced to murder, it makes you wonder how anyone could pick up their weapons again. I don’t have any right to judge those who did so, but nor can I see any way to justify those who made them. Fear itself is a powerful weapon and using it to force people to do your bidding is a horrifying thing to do, but it happened and now we must remember them to ensure it never happens again. I respect every man who gave his life to save his country, but those who made it necessary to do so, I can never see eye to eye with.


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