Christmas Puddings

For some reason, Christmas puddings are meant to be made ages before Christmas, probably so you can put more brandy in than abides the laws of physics, or at least that’s what happens in our house. They are my favourite pudding ever and usually I will get a tiny one from a shop in like October just to eat (and now my mouth is watering). One memorable Christmas we had run out of brandy to put on it before we set it on fire (for those who don’t have¬†Christmas puddings, you are meant to set them on fire so they look pretty and so everyone can attempt to take a picture to post on Facebook before it burns out – no one ever quite manages it) and my mother walked in clutching a bottle of vodka in one hand and gin in the other and asked which one would be the best to use. In retrospect, my grandmother did look rather shocked but that’s Christmas for you, all regular manners are thrown out of the window unless it is a child with their elbows on the table, in which case they will tell you to move despite the festive season. We went with vodka, for those who were wondering. Still rather lovely.

A Christmas Pudding I found on the internet. Our usually look nice than that and don’t have a spiky plant on the top, if I’m being honest.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Puddings

  1. calinedabine says:

    I had no idea they were meant to be set on fire. I love this idea! Maybe I’ll have to try making one just to have a chance to set it aflame!


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