Traffic Lights

I think we can all agree that people in England will consider traffic lights to be of no use unless there is a reasonably sized crater in the ground you pass. If you can see far enough down into the earth’s crust for it to be dark then people will just sigh and get on with their day, satisfied that there has been enough damage to the road that it was worth adding an extra fifteen minutes to their journey without significant complaining. This point comes about, however, when we queued for half an hour to get about 50 yards around a corner to find traffic lights stood beside an area sectioned-off with an orange fence that contained perfectly functioning, flat, craterless ground. I think we were all thinking the same thing but the bus drive was the only one to throw his arms up in the air and shout “well what was that all about then, eh?” at a road without workmen or anyone who could actually move the posts. On the way back the traffic lights were facing the other way and the fence had gone but I’m fairly certain that some peasant going past and getting cross was the cause of that (I think we all want to at times, lets face it).


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