Awesome Facts About the Human Brain

Okay, so quite frankly I have run out of animals to talk about (well, obviously there are more but ones that spring to mind are gone – I’ll think of some more later) so I’m going to talk about the human mind! It is pretty cool, what our brain does, although the question I always wonder about is does the brain know it’s learning about itself and does it already know what it’s doing? Mind boggling. This is more about the psychology than the physical brain, actually. Anyway, the facts…

– Swearing can reduce pain.

– Emotional pain is remembered better than physical pain.

– We can udnretsnad any msseed up stnecene as lnog as the lsat and frsit lteerts of wdros are in crrcoet palecs. Cool huh?

– We are most creative at night? Presumably that means when you aren’t exhausted from a frustrating day at school.

– Smiling makes you happier! Also, in my case, the use of exclamation marks does as well! I don’t know why!

-Apparently, people are often more productive in blue rooms, but then again my maths room is blue and that doesn’t appear to help me at all.

– You’re sense of smell is the best one for provoking memories. That’s why it’s a good idea to spray a new scent when you revise and then spray it again before you go into the exam. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will inform you of the results…

– Lying takes a lot of effort and people tend to start talking with shorter sentences as they have to think of two things at once, the truth and how to get around it.

– Placebos can sometimes work as well as the real treatment – if you’re nervous and someone gives you a tictac saying it’s some amazing medicine that calms you down, you’ll probably stop panicking.

– Apparently, male politicians are more likely to be chosen if they are manly. If you look at last UK election’s line up it’s a wonder anyone voted at all.

– “Boredom has a bright side. Bored people are often looking for ways to do good things as the entertainment bores them and does not bring meaning to their lives.” Excuse me while I forward this to my maths and physics teachers.

– We often don’t notice what is right there in front of us. Apparently there was a study where an actor asked a randomer for directions, two people carried a door or something between the actor and randomer, the actor changed and only half of the randomers noticed! I think that is pretty interesting.

The Human Brain. I think I shall do a series talking about what each part of the brain does.


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