I Rather Like Pigeons, Actually

A lot of people (and by that I mean my uncle) call pigeons ‘sky rats’ but I like them. When I am lounging around on the beanbag just looking out of the window I can see the pigeons on the opposite roof and they always seem to be so confused and somewhat in awe of each other that they just make me laugh. For instance, one spent 24 minutes deciding whether or not to jump off the roof and started to slide ever closer to the edge, before jumping and divebombing to the ground where I was sure it was going to collide with the pavement but JUST managed to flap it’s wings enough to gain a bit of hight and didn’t die. It was like a nervous little reindeer, bless it, prancing about on the roof. Speaking of, I’m going to do a post every day in December leading up to Christmas, like a little advent thing. I’ve already got my advent calender from Thornton’s – so cute!

This is a pink pigeon. If that doesn’t make your day then what will.


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