8th December – Making the Christmas Cake

Now, I think the most important thing in this particular recipe is the gin and the brandy, or at least it is in our house, plus fruit and then a normal cake batter, mixed in with a load of spices to make it taste all Christmassy and nice.

If your cake ends up looking like the one above, then lucky you, but normally we like to make ours a lot more rustic and have fat penguins that are bigger than the trees and no polar bears, just so they look a lot more family-made. They take 5 hours to cook in the oven and they usually take about an hour to throw together so it isn’t like whipping up a normal Victoria Sponge cake, but it is worth it in the end and if you cook it right then it’s quite gooey, which is always enjoyable to eat. We usually just put ready-rolled icing on top of a lot of marzipan which gives it a nice flavour (ground almonds, that’s it, there’s ground almonds in there sorry I forgot before!) although you don’t want to put that on if you have a nut allergy.

One good Pingu cake!

One good Pingu cake!

This does look like a Christmas cake but it is actually a rather fab pingu cake I made for my friends birthday with Pingu, the Seal and the snowman with a potty on his head. The lumps of icing were iceburg things and were eaten first. I think she still has the little people, actually, and that reminds me of the borrowers which excites me as we are watching that tonight and until recently I had forgotten how attractive Spiller was. Vair vair excited.


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