10th December – Awesome Facts About Reindeer

As we all know from watching Frozen, Reindeers are indeed better than people (Sven and Kristoff appreciation moment):

But this fact aside I thought I would do a Christmas themed Awesome Facts, so here goes:

– Their noses are designed to warm the air before it gets to their lungs.

– They are usually 4-5 feet tall (excluding antlers, which are 3 feet in themselves).

– They can run up to 50 miles per hour! Like, what?

– In the wild, they live for about 15 years, although Sven from Frozen is immortal. That would just be way too traumatic.

– They are the only mammals that create new sets of antlers each year.

– They have an awesome sense of smell: they can sniff out lichen underneath 60cm of snow!

– When the temperature drops a lot they can make their leg temperature drop so they retain heat in their bodies.

– Their antlers are the fastest growing thing known to science.

– Their eyes change colour with the seasons! Golden green in the summer to a blue colour in winter to help them deal with the lack of sunlight.

– They can’t walk and pee, so have to stop every six miles to do so. Just to end on a classy note.

Reindeer selfie time! So photogenic my goodness.


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